Experience Morgan and the surrounding areas’ lush, rural vibes with close proximity to Utah’s cities.

I-84, which runs east-west, connects Morgan Valley to nearby Ogden. State Routes 65 and 66 cut through the Southeast region, making drives to and from Salt Lake City and Park City a breeze. From Morgan, all northern Utah ski resorts are all within an hour’s drive.

Morgan Valley Location. A stylized map highlighting the states of Utah and Wyoming, with red location pins marking Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Park City in Utah. The Great Salt Lake is prominently featured in dark shading.
Morgan Valley Location. A simplified map highlighting a section of the United States, focusing on Utah and its border with Wyoming. It features Great Salt Lake in light brown, with nearby cities Ogden and Salt Lake City marked by red pins, and another pin for Park City. The states are outlined in dark grey, with Utah’s outline more prominent against a pale cream background. Dashed lines suggest roads or boundaries.

Flying Here

The nearest major airport to Morgan is Salt Lake City International Airport (44.4 miles // 42 minutes).

Morgan County Airport (42U) is a small, public-use airport located eight miles northwest of Morgan in Mountain Green. The airport has one runway, oriented at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon, measuring 3900 feet long and 45 feet wide. The asphalt runway, 03/21, slopes downhill southeast at a 2.2% grade with a top elevation of 5020 MSL.

For more information, read guidance from the Utah Soaring Association. For questions, call Airport Manager Joe Garfied at 801-821-6619

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