Morgan Valley is full of curves and mountain driving and sometimes, unexpected weather. To make your visit a safe one:

Follow posted speed limits.

Within Morgan County, the highway speed limit is 75 miles per hour.

Buckle up

Wear your seatbelt. If you’re on a motorcycle, a helmet for you and passengers under the age of 18 is mandatory.

Stay Alert.

Avoid cruise control unless roads are completely dry. Watch for elk, mule deer, and moose in the road. When merging, look out for trucks and semis.

Don’t drink. And don’t text.

It’s the law.

Four-wheel drive = your friend.

While it won’t make you invincible, four-wheel drive is best for navigating Morgan Valley’s snowy and icy conditions. If not, snow chains and snow tires might be required in some parts, and you’ll need them to stay on the road.

Don’t make snow storms as you drive.

Clear off your car of snow before driving. That includes scraping off all frost and removing ice and snow from your wiper blades and brake lights.

Slow down.

You’re raring to rush back after a fantastic day, we know! Use caution during snow, rain, fog, or decreased visibility. If it’s cold and you see wet spots on the road, it’s likely black ice. Allow at least three vehicles of braking distance.

Follow the skid.

If you start skidding, ease off the gas and turn in the direction the back of your car is going.

Map and plan out.

Check road conditions before heading out the door. Give yourself ample time to get to a location. Consider printing a map or downloading Google Maps offline beforehand as cell service can be limited.

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Ready, Set, Plan!

Ready to visit? Amazing! Plan for your up and read up on what you need to know.