The determined Mormons ventured from the plains of Illinois to the promising landscapes of Utah, following this path around East Canyon. It was the tail end of a journey that spanned over 1,300 miles.

One year prior, the Donner Party, a group of farmers in search of more fertile land, had initially charted this route. Numerous obstacles stood in their path on this arduous stretch, including high brush and rocks. The conditions were far treacherous they anticipated|only 47 of the original party of 87 reached their destination.

Today, journey on this historic trail through East Canyon State Park. Walk, run, snowshoe, or cross-country ski along four miles of preserved trail. From Mormon Flat Campground, the trail climbs four miles to the top of Big Mountain located on Highway 65. From Mormon Flat Campground, view remnants of Fort Wells, a structure Mormon settlers built to protect the Salt Lake Valley after erroneous reports that troops would be sent to quell rebellious Mormons. The confrontation never materialized.